Havabazi Tuno is an on-going project, where I created a custom interface that allows a DJ to control sound filters of pre-selected tracks as well as projected visualizations with hand gestures captured from the Leap Motion controller. Middleware (GecoMIDI) converts the x, y and z coordinates of each hand as well as two discrete gestures: collapsed fingers and spread fingers, which are mapped to MIDI messages and sent to the digital vinyl software, Traktor commonly used by electronic DJs including the project’s artist, DJ Tuno.

Havabazi Tuno was inspired by the Kludge! project of Pablo Guadalupe and Caen Botto that offers “a total, real-time, audiovisual experience in which live, techno music and futuristic visual landscapes are generated by a dynamic performance” (Guadalupe & Botto, 2006). Two electronic DJs are donned with instrumental prototypes and sound controllers such as the chest- worn percussive amplifier (DRUMVEST) and sensor-rigged gloves (DATAGLOVES) that bring out their performative potential through embodied haptic interaction: “The interweaving of the senses lies behind this AV performance that blends sound and vision as an inseparable entity.” Kludge! inspired me to think about how technologically mediated gestures could address the lack of focus given to the performativity of a DJ.

Artist Director: Maziar Ghaderi
Technical Director: Maziar Ghaderi
DJ: DJ Tuno (Jordan Lester Lane)