Performance art inspired by Sufi whirling and the mystic poetry of Rumi, shown in Dubai for the International Symposium on Electronic Art (2014).

Maziar Ghaderi’s artistic practise, playformance strives to situate the human body as the serendipitous actuator of conceptual audiovisual content to offer a live, undirected and visceral experience for the performer as well as for the audience. In other words, the body-muse as a translator of virtual amplification.

DS2 offers the space for the performer to rethink her craft in unexpected ways through the incorporation of interactive technology, which holds the potential to convey her inner thoughts and/or motives. Live movements on stage serve as the kinetic form of creative articulation, and are digitally translated to trigger multimedia in real-time.

The Dissolving Self project was curated by ISEA 2014 to two live performances; one at the American University in Dubai (AUD) and another at The Fridge Dubai, as part of the 2014 Al-Quoz Festival.

This iteration of Dissolving Self was produce in collaboration with Ryan Makysmic, Loretta Faveri, Vrinda Bhandula and Tamara Montenegro.