An early performance directed by Maziar Ghaderi that situated spontaneous hand gestures as the kinetic input to affect media was Blendism. This project involved several elements such as a cappella singing, contemporary dance, and hand gestures that controlled the movement of a projected graphical mesh superimposed over a filtered live video feed. A tripod-mounted Nintendo Wiimote that pointed at the singer, Isla Craig read two infrared LEDs each woven into a pair of custom-made gloves. The x and y positions of each hand moved the graphical mesh, and the more swift gestures were programmed to cause the mesh to rip and fall apart, which created an interesting visualization. Opposite the singer was a contemporary dancer, Julia Male whose movements were being filmed and projected live. The mesh was customized from a pre- existing Processing sketch, and through the middleware program, Syphon, my production team and I were able to place the live animation of the mesh overtop a video feed with the node-based video software PixelConduit.

Artist Director: Maziar Ghaderi
Technical Director: Jeremy Littler
Dancer: Julia Male
Singer: Isla Craig
Costume: Essa Serhan

Blendsim frames